What we do: A mini tour of the transformation of a bike.

This post is to share the process of creating a bike, specifically, my own, and particulary, the “color way” (which is a funny word for “colors”).  It is a story of looking for a frame that fit me better than any bike I’ve owned and I found it in a 53cm Fyxation Quiver.  It was black, and that’s how it began.



With a simple bicycle CAD program I was able to get the color ideas out of my head and onto paper.  I had an idea for using Spray.Bike’s Milan Blue paint.  I tinkered with several color combinations until I came to one that gave me the most pause, seen here…

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 8.25.55 AM
Digital Rendering.


So I did it.  Painted the frame, found a handlebar, and built some silver wheels to match.  I liked it.  I think I was going for something that reminded me of Dr. Seuss, French bread trucks, and Italian villages.  Something about those green fenders though.  A change is always comin’.

Real life result.  Iteration number 1.

After doing this for many years, I feel that bicycles need less be like works of art in and of themselves but expressions and extensions of the one who rides and owns them.  They’re more akin to a trusty pair of shoes than anything.   They may furnish your apartment, and blend into the natural surroundings, play off the colors your wear.  Since we cannot can separate bike from the context that surrounds it, best to help it look best in the context of you and other things you surround yourself with!

Iteration number 2: by simply chaining the bartape color to blue, and wheels to black, it has a very different effect.  Feeling reverent of water and nature amidst the elements of wood and earth.
Iteration 3, changing to white handlebars, “oil-slick” pedals, and yellow saddle and having it photo bomb everywhere.  Feeling the need for warmth and brightness and breaking out of the colder feeling of the previous color combination.
Iteration number 4: Current scenario, but final?, we’ll see.  Found a saddle I thought was a little more suited to my bum, lowered my stem for comfort, and added red panniers.  Kept the yellow accent in the socks, instead.  Been kinda loving this for a while.  Gonna keep it ’til seasons change.


omar's bike in the woods
Took off the tan wall tires.


As of December 13, 2017, I’m thinking of doing this.  I call it the “equal straight pass”.  Sort of a neutral sounding pseudo-intellectual nonsense comedy slash trajedy.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 9.32.51 PM


So that’s a little about it for now, more to come…!



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