Emile’s Soma rebuild: clean and buttery.

Emile grabbed this Double Cross off Craigslist knowing he wanted to tour with it. He brought it to us with complaints of the shifting, saddle, and fork variety. What we found was the Craigslist seller had created a Frankenstein out of the bike, and so we started the rebuild, to make this Soma run smooth again.

One of our values is thrift, and so this project was up our alley. The crux of this rebuild was using the existing parts, only buying new parts if we couldn’t make the parts he had work as well as new ones would.

The brakes were mismatched, road levers and mountain bike calipers – we used the Travel Agent, an often forgotten solution for that made by Problem Solvers. We replaced the carbon fork with the Soma’s lugged steel fork to match the intended geometry and make front rack-ready. The front derailleur didn’t match his road shifters, resolving this was bike surgery, but we were successful in correcting for the incompatibility. The drive train was exhausted, so the bike got a new cassette, chain, as well as cables and housing.

The beauty of this outcome was Emile had enough money left in his budget for ergonomics and aesthetic. He swapped his saddle for the Specialized Romin, added fizik handlebar tape, both in white. He rolled away with his bike, ready for a Seattle to Portland trip, and it looked damn good too.